When I joined LGT about 1 1/2 yrs ago I had no idea what I was getting into. But LGT has taught me there is more to marketing than just throwing up a web page and surfing. There is a sense of community that I have found nowhere else on the internet.
I have learned things that I never imagined I could.
I started out as a Free member but after a few short months I could see the value in being a paid member at LGT and haven’t looked back.
Thanks, Steve and the LGT Team

Sharon Morin

Lead Generating Tools and Steve Swetman have made a dermatic impact on my life. The tools and services he offers is better than everything I have seen on the web. Years ago when I first got on line I was so taken in with all the hype, that I was not building a list or money either. When I joined and begain to go to the training room for every meeting my life took a turn around. They did not talk it up they told the truth. You have to have know how before you can be somebody. So I started to redo what I did not know and lo and behold, I am a trainer now. Training only on what we know to be true facts and knowledge. You are missing out if your not on our team! PERIOD! LGT is the bestplace to call home!

Debra Chism

I just wanted to take the time to say something about the Memberactive membership course we are currently taking with Steve Swetman and LGT. I am a real newbie in this field but Steve and his moderators made me feel like I was part of the family.
They always took the time to answer any question I had immediately. They would stop the class if they had to. That was very impressive. No one will be left behind. Their goal is to make sure that we thoroughly understand everything that they teach us so we can move on and have a successful business. They are here for us. Use their knowledge because they have a lot of it. Sign up for one the LGT programs immediately and get started today.

Robert Million

I have been a member of Lead Generating Tools for over 5 years and I highly recommend that you become a member and take advantage of all the tools you will receive for your business.
Steve Swetman, Owner, Over-Delivers and I am completely satisfied with my membership, and you will have several memberships to choose from, including free.
We get EVERYTHING to help us in our online or offline business…cPanel Web Hosting, Autoresponders, Ad Trackers, Link Rotators, Contact List Builders, Training Videos, Safelists, Traffic exchanges and much, much more!

Claire & David Pegram, Riverdale, New Yo

I would like to make a shout of gratitude to Everyone at LGT. Steve and the gang always ready to help and answer my questions, speedily and thoroughly. I am using the LGT Hosting with my TEAM LGT Membership. Having spent several months planning on a new website for my hosting….i had a few issues with my WordPress Installation and it’s plugins on site. There was a problem i could not fix but LGT could , and did. Thanks guys keep up the good work. Hosting 10/10 Customer support 10/10 Technical support 10/10 I can now focus my energy on completing the final stages of my website….without hair pulling stress…lol. Thanks Steve and Debra all with LGT.

Tony Farrell

Hello friends and visitor’s! ? Phil West here of St.Louis.Mo. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Steve Swetman and his Awesome LGT Training Team! I have not in my marketing years came across a program that provided this much training! Monday thru Thursday by > “LGT Team Support” AND “Saturday & Sunday” by the Owner & Founder himself! Steve Swetman! ? I look forward to learning this system and passing it on to those who have a desire to earn income online. I feel confident to say that, no “Successful Marketer” is without this ground setting foundation! Must Have 4 Success! In closing, I would like to extend my best wishes for success to all who cross this path! thanks we’ll meet again

Phillip West

It was late in the day on New Year’s Eve. I needed to make a change in my Affiliate Marketing Page. Steve made the changes for me and sent me a confirmation email in less than an hour after I requested his help. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the kind of excellent service that you can expect from all the folks at Lead Generating Tools! Ray Wentz

Ray Wenz

Hello Steve,
My name is Bob, I just signed up to your program. And want you to know why! My wife has gone above and beyond to put together a website and a store for me. She used your Web Presents Builder in the c-panel to create what is the beginning of a beautiful site! It is still being worked on as we add content. She also installed a covert store that is in your Software Gold Club downloads. She has attached it to eBay and CJ (Commission Junction) pulling in products with the key words I wanted on this site. I never expected it to be connected to the social site. Its all connected, and running awesome. You have a great program with super support and the coaches they are AWESOME. But, I’m not surprised…. You see my wife gives so much for LGT. And her dedication is amazing. I just wanted you to know why I joined LGT!
Kindest Regards,


LGT has been a real blessing to me. The hands on training is awesome and I am really doing things that I thought I would never find myself doing. Everyone is always so willing to help, and the patience of the trainers while we are learning is so appreciated.

Brenda Kruse

I joined LGT several years ago and have received nothing short of great value and service! I would not have stayed so long with LGT if it wasn’t so. I love the products and tools but above all the support when I needed it. No matter what problems I came across (like moving an Ad Exchange site with and older script to a new server) Steve was there to handle it. Thank you Steve and team once again for providing great customer service!
Yours For Success and God Bless,
Terry Phong

Terry Phong

http://terryphong.com, http://thetrafficman.net, http://thetrafficman.org
We here at Netgrannies.com work with marketers from all walks of life with all levels of capabilities and we send them all to LGT because we know that they will be well taken care of. They find all the tools they need and ever wanted plus the support is top notch. And we will keep sending our people to LGT because of this. Plus we use the product personally also and it is wonderful! Brilliant Job!!

Patti Ballard

I have been a member of LGT for many years. When I first began my journey to working at home, I was working with dial-up internet. The folks at LGT were so patient and supportive. When I finally got real internet, my business took off and I am happy to say that using LGT tools I am building a business that allows me to stay home and care for my husband and grand babies. Lead Generating Tools is perfect for anyone who has a desire to build a successful business.

Katrina Oakley


I’ve been with LGT 8 months now. It’s really true what Crystal Spring, Lead Trainer, says, “Warning! you may be doing things you never thought you could if you hang around our room too long!

I have learned more in 8 months than I have learned since first going on the Internet back in 1997. We have a supportive, family-like environment here at LGT. Each person is lovingly taken by the hand over each hurdle (and I have overcome many) under the watchful eye of all the trainers, leading us to the next stage of growth in our ongoing training as bona fide Internet Marketers. We have learned to brand ourselves as our best product first, then adding to that an amazing arsenal of tools and resources which makes a safety net and marketing network to ensure our continued growth and success on the Internet. All this for such incredible value for money!!

I find it hard to tear myself away from the LGT training room with the amazing support, training, tools, and resources, led by Steve Swetman, who consistently over-delivers to his members, not interested in any product unless it can benefit us, and supported wholeheartedly by Thomas Bouchillon, TrudyVan, Sharon Morin, and trainer in training, Jerry Hart. There is no place like home and my online home in Lead Generating Tools. The Universe has led me here because this is where I belong. Thank you so much to all the trainers and especially, Steve and Crystal for all you do for us!!

Vivienne Edwards