Hello my name is Steve Swetman owner of Lead Generating Tools. Lead Generating Tools is an established Internet Marketing Company with over 20 years of doing business on the Internet. We offer Free and Paid Marketing Tools, Services, Monthly Resources, and Live Coaching, through our Lead Generating Tools Membership Site.

All our Paid Members have all the tools and services they need to build and manage a large contact list. Even Our Free can build a contact list as we host special list building pages for all members. Below is a basic list of tools and services provided by LGT Marketing.

Web Hosting Services

  • Fast Cpanel Web Hosting

  • Softaculous Apps Installer

  • Domain Names From HostnPromote

  • WordPress Design and Support

Promotional Pages And Resources

  • Monthly PLR and MRR products

  • Monthly software products you can sell

  • Monthly video products you can sell

  • Niche PLR articles Every month

  • Customized affiliate promotional pages

  • Customize a video squeeze page

  • Customize a home business page

  • Customize a social media contact list building page

  • Customize a banner page

Contact List Building Needs

  • Pro Responder service

  • Hosted list building pages

  • Hosted home business pages with your responder form attached

  • Import an e-course message series into your responder with one click of your mouse

  • Hosted video squeeze pages

  • Download over 45 e-courses and 50 Internet marketing reports with templates

  • Customize a marketing report with your LGT affiliate ID embedded

  • Two new professional PLR list building packages every month

Marketing Tools And Services

  • Ad Tracking and Cloaking

  • Url Rotator - No Ads - Rotate Unlimited urls